biotect team

DR. BECKY RIVOIRE, PH.D. – Founder and CEO

Dr. Becky Rivoire, Ph.D. founded and directed BioMARC, a BSL-3 cGMP CRO at Colorado State University (CSU) for seven years; produced and characterized many monoclonal antibodies while working at Syngene, Heska and CSU Microbiology Department; developed, manufactured, and managed a Phase I and Phase II international clinical trial while at CSU; fractionated and purified proteins for T-cell analysis; expressed and purified recombinant proteins; and, performed GLP toxicology studies. She has also directed the creation of quality systems and served as quality assurance on GLP studies reviewed by the FDA.


Katelynne Donnelly, M.S. in Neurophysiology, graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2018. Her graduate work investigated the effects of several environmental toxins (bisphenol- A, caffeine, and gabapentine) on the development of the nervous system using the Xenopus laevis tadpole model. She is experienced in behavioral testing, immunohistochemistry studies, and molecular biology methods related to CNS development and function. Katelynne has been with Biotect Services since Jan 2019 performing and reporting on cell viability testing on cancer and healthy cells. She currently manages our 3D organoid cell model program.


Dr. Kendra Lechtenberg holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Stanford University. Her graduate and post-doc research utilized preclinical models of ischemic stroke to investigate the various ways by which microglia coordinate the neuroimmune response to acute brain injury. Kendra also has experience in drug discovery for CNS diseases from her time as a scientist at Denali Therapeutics, where she characterized interactions between antibody-based therapeutics and the blood brain barrier. She is experienced in both in vivo and in vitro models for investigating CNS diseases, including rodent disease models, immunohistochemistry and microscopy, protein quantification, flow cytometry, in vitro assays, and gene expression analysis. Kendra joined Biotect Services in 2022 where she is applying her expertise in neuroimmunology and assay optimization to the development of Biotect’s Neuroimmunology Testing Unit.

lyndah chow research scientist

DR. LYNDAH CHOW, PH.D. – Consultant: Part-Time Scientist

Dr. Lyndah Chow is a research scientist, currently investigating mechanisms of cancer immunotherapy in mouse and dog models of cancer with the Dow lab for immunotherapy at Colorado State University.  Dr. Chow’s graduate work centered around investigating and cultivating various types of stem cells for immune modulation in inflammatory disease and multi drug resistant bacterial infections. Because of Dr Chow’s extensive background in bench top research, her contribution to biotech services involves advising on experimental models, trouble shooting, designing in vitro models for compound testing, as well as analysis of flow cytometry and high throughput transcriptomic data.

lyndah chow research scientist