Oligo Nation Fundraiser…Stronger Together

In an effort to raise awareness and donations for the rare brain cancer oligodendroglioma (aa·luh·gow·den·drow·glai·ow·muh), Biotect Services, a local biotechnology company is sponsoring Stronger Together: A Fundraiser for Brain Cancer Research on Sunday, August 29th, 2021 from 2-6pm at The Lyric in North Fort Collins, Colorado. Entertainment will feature music by Liz Barnez Trio and comedian Sam Adams.

Oligodendroglioma is considered a rare disease, because fewer than 200,000
people in the United States are affected. As a result, government funded research critical to finding a cure is severely limited. The fight against rare and aggressive cancers requires a collective effort and we are much stronger when we work together.

Individuals of all ages are invited to enjoy an afternoon of live music, comedy, food, and more to raise funding and awareness on behalf of the Oligo Nation Foundation. Those who can’t attend but still wish to contribute may donate by visiting the event’s

GoFundMe page. Tickets are $30 and available at The Lyric website.

Local corporate sponsor Biotect Services, Inc. CEO, Becky Rivoire emphasizes the critical need to fund research of brain cancers due to limited support from federal and philanthropic sources. Oligo Nation devotes 90% of all donations directly to medical research projects that can bring new, more effective treatments for oligodendroglioma to the clinic in the next 3-5 years.

Time is of the essence and research is expensive; progress can only continue with the communal effort of generous donors. This event is part of an effort to keep oligodendroglioma brain cancer research moving toward a cancer-free future.

About Oligo Nation

When two young brothers, Spencer and Zach Greene, from Marin County, California were diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, they quickly learned research and funding for oligodendroglioma was practically nonexistent. In 2014, their father, Brock Greene, created Oligo Nation, an organization that seeks to raise awareness for this rare cancer, as well as generate funding for urgent research efforts. ‘The bottom line for us is that no one else will ‘save’ us, we need to fund the research ourselves to identify new, more effective treatments.”

Our fundraiser was held in August 2021 to raise awareness and funds for Oligo Nation to support research towards a cure for oligodendroglioma. 

Please consider donating to Oligo Nation because every dollar brings us closer to a cure.