Drug Efficacy Assay

Efficacy and toxicity testing is a critical step in your preclinical drug development path for enabling you to select only the best drug candidates. At Biotect Services, our scientists are experienced in cell viability and cytotoxicity testing using in vitro 2D and 3D human cellular models.

Our efficacy testing capabilities include:

  • ATP-based cytotoxicity testing

  • Flow cytometry assessment of cell viability

  • Calculation of efficacy dose-response (IC50)

Efficacy and Toxicity Testing in 3D Spheroid Models

Our 3D spheroid cell culture models offer a predictive platform for screening neuroscience and oncology drug candidates. We provide complimentary cell viability assay services such as ATP-based cytotoxicity (IC50) testing and flow cytometry live/dead assessment. Our flexible approach can be easily customized to meet your project’s needs.

Drug Efficacy Testing

ATP-based cytotoxicity assay in A549 cell monoculture

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