Biotect Services is an Oncology CRO Focused on Cancer Therapeutics. Our Expertise is in Developing In-vitro Cancer Models for Efficacy Testing.

Validated assays are used in drug screening, potency testing, monitoring manufacturing, and biological measurements.  Contact us to discuss your drug efficacy testing needs.

Our Vision

Using modernized 2D and 3D cell-culture technology, we simplify preclinical in-vitro testing of vaccines and cancer therapeutics

Our Goals

  1. Standardize an ex-vivo spheroid platform to develop 3D cell-culture models supporting product efficacy testing
  2. Develop a cerebral organoid brain tumor model towards enhancing predictability of in-vitro models
  3. Apply 2D and 3D models to better understand drug product characteristics

Our Clients

Pharmaceutical companies
Biotechnology companies
Government agencies


Preclinical Research
RnD Consulting
Regulatory Direction
Professional Support

Why Choose Biotect

Skilled in Bio-assays
Creative and forward thinking
State of the art laboratories
Good laboratory practices

By combining cutting edge and traditional laboratory-based technologies, we seek to design and implement assays that are relatable to patient outcomes in clinical trials.

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Who are we?

Biotect Services, Inc. is a contract research organization (CRO) specialty laboratory focused on preclinical assessment of immuno-oncology drug candidates.  We offer tailored model design and efficacy testing in 2D and 3D in-vitro cell-culture models. Biotect offers the advantage of rapid turnaround times, concise and timely reporting, and competitive pricing, which our clients appreciate.

This approach manifests our mission of improving patient outcomes by streamlining drug development in this unique preclinical space. Our customers have typically completed a proof-of-concept on their product candidate and need expert help developing their strategic product development plan; directing preclinical research; creating, validating, and running specialized assays; and, overseeing phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials.

As a result of Biotect’s engagement, companies see fewer clinical failures, stay in regulatory compliance, reduce product development costs, and decrease time to market.  Our customers appreciate that as a team we are accessible, transparent, and professional.

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