Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry assessment of cell viability in 3D cell cultures

Flow cytometry provides a versatile assay for analyzing proportions of different cell populations within dissociated spheroid cultures. At Biotect Services, we provide a validated flow cytometry-based assessment of the percentage of live cells in spheroids derived from tumor cell lines treated with drugs of interest. This assay can be used to evaluate drug susceptibility of tumor spheroids and to benchmark against control treatments.

  • Spheroids are incubated with enzyme to dissociate into single-cell suspensions.

  • Dissociated spheroids are then stained with viability dye and analysis on a Cytek Aurora 4-laser Spectral Cytometer.

  • Dose-response relationships between viability and treatment concentration are analyzed and reported.

Spheroids are seeded 5,000 cells / well in ultralow attachment plates and treated with Staurosporine. Spheroids are then dissociated and stained with viability dye for flow cytometry analysis to quantify the proportion of live cells. Dose-response curves from two independent experiments are shown for U251 spheroids treated with Staurosporine.

Please inquire to learn more about how we can provide customized flow cytometry analysis of your cell type and markers of interest.