Exploratory evaluation of the effective relevance of 2D monolayer vs 3D spheroid cultures of highly pure human cortical glutamatergic neurons for brain cancer drug screening

Compare 2D monolayer culture of glutamatergic neurons with two 3D culture methods using:

Cell Viability Assay
Immunocytochemistry (ICC)

  • High failure rate of brain cancer therapeutics in early clinical trials calls for improved in vitro modeling and predictability

  • Three-dimensional (3D) cell culture is a powerful alternative in vitro model system

  • Cells grow as spheroids instead of adherent monolayers

    Two 3D Model Systems:

    Ultra low attachment environment (ULA)

    Cells seeded in a BIOFLOATTM treated plate (faCellitate GmbH)

    Nanoparticle-mediated levitation (NPL)

    Cells treated with Nanoshuttle (Greiner BIO-One) & exposed to a magnet for 1 hour

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