“Development of a drug candidate begins in the laboratory.  Both cell-based (in-vitro) and non-cell-based assays support product characterization usually before moving into animal models.”


Cell-Based 2D & 3D Assays

Preclinical research of a drug product employs cell-based assays that help define product characteristics, safety, efficacy, and mechanism of action (MOA). Biotect Services facilitates studies through consultation, design, planning, execution, and management in concert with the product sponsor. These assays are translatable as bioanalytical methods to support product cGMP manufacturing, quality control, and formulation.


Non Cell-Based Assays

Preclinical research of a drug product also employs non-cell-based assays to complete characterization and can be used to track potency of drug product. Advantages to using Biotect Services includes our knowledge and expertise of the product development process, our ability to provide direct and quick feedback, and our honesty and devotion to quality.