How can we support your project?

Every investigator and project have wide-ranging needs.  Biotect Services offers equally diverse output of study results to best fit your needs.  Results are formally reported, unless specified in the scope of work.  Informal tabular reports or modernized power point presentations are common.  Data can be summarized in poster form, as a white paper, or simply in data tables.

Examples of in-house project results are shown below.

A. 3D Spheroid Poster

A – Poster depicting 3D formation of spheroids using the non-small cell lung carcinoma (A549) cell line and 96-well bioprinting kit and Magnetic Nanoshuttle (Greiner Bio-One GmbH) to compare cell concentration and time.

B. 2D vs 3D Spheroid Culture Comparison

B – 2D vs 3D cell culture of human cortical glutamatergic neurons (catalogue no. BX-0300, BrainXell, Madison, WI) in traditional cell culture treated tissue culture plates compared with Biofloat low absorption plates (Facellitate Chemovator GmbH, Mannheim, Germany), respectively.

IHC Stained Cortical Glutamatergic Neurons 

Human glutamatergic neurons stained with DAPI (blue), anti VGlut1 (AF594 – red), and anti-MAP2 (AF488 – green) fluorescent labeled antibodies.  Images are taken at 100x magnification.