Passion, purpose, and function are part of the Biotect name.  My passion from an early age was to work on cancer, although my circumstances delayed that dream.  My purpose for starting this company was to protect people from disease.  I was part of the “National Centers of Excellence” generation and fully resigned to developing vaccinations to protect, therapeutics to reject, and diagnostics to detect disease.  Functionally, I am now fully dedicated to being a part of the collective group that works towards a cure for cancer.

Regrettably, everyone has a close beloved family member or friend who has succumbed to cancer, the second leading cause of death behind heart disease.  For me, it was my younger sister who was diagnosed with glioblastoma in 2009.  She was told that it was a very rare form of cancer and quite advanced.  Treatment was not curative, only able to give her more time.  Although she was grateful, the side effects chipped away at her spirit and the disease prevailed.

Protect, reject, and detect became my mantra and hence the derivation of the name Biotect.  So, when you see our name and wonder how it is spelled, remember that we “protect against disease” and the letters will converge naturally.  Biotect Services is a cancer drug development resource for biopharmaceutical companies.  We are passionate, dedicated, and practical in our fight to protect against disease, especially cancer.